Harare International Carnival hots up…Brazilians in for Samba Night l Koffi to headline Longcheng gig Samba dancers
Samba dancers

Samba dancers

Bornwise Mtonzi Arts Reporter—
Koffi’s show will be free of charge to give people a memorable experience. With the Harare International Carnival festivities in full motion, all is set for the Rhumba Night at the Chinese complex, LongCheng Plaza where Congolese musician Koffi Olomide will be the main act tomorrow evening. Tonight the carnival presents the Samba Night at Private Lounge where Brazilian Samba dancers Momo King will present their act alongside local dancers Zoey and Bev.

Koffi’s show will be free of charge to give people a memorable experience. Long-Cheng Plaza has become popular for hosting big names and is expected to be full as the fans will be jostling to witness the rhumba music legend from DRC performing. Many local rhumba groups including BV Labien Musica and Diamond Musica will perform at the event.

In an interview Pitchou Lumiere, the leader of Diamond Musica group, said he was glad they would share the stage with Koffi. “The Rhumba maestro, Koffi Olomide Mopao Mokonzi, is coming for the Harare International Carnival. He will play on Thursday (tomorrow) at Long-Cheng Plaza together with Diamond Musica and we are happy to share the stage with the big star.

“It is indeed going to be a memorable event,” said Pitchou. He went on to say that Koffi has promised to sample some of the songs from his new album “13 Eme Apotrere” and that fans should come geared for fun as it is going to be a show above the rest. Tonight fans are also expected to flock to the exquisite Private Lounge to witness the Samba dances from Brazil.

The night will be graced by the Brazil’s top samba dance group Momo King who will also share the stage with Bev and Zoey. At last year’s carnival, Samba dancers left lasting impressions when they performed at Airport Lounge. This year it is likely to be bigger during the dance night since Divine Assignments, which promoted last year’s event is also responsible for tonight’s ‘Samba Night’.

They should have learnt a lot from last year’s gig and worked on improvements to give the night a finer appeal. Today and tomorrow’s shows come ahead of the carnival Street Party set for the city centre on Saturday and the programme makes Koffi the big act of this year’s carnival.

Koffi is a well known rhumba music legend from DRC and has received cognisance all over the world. He has many albums to his name which include “La Chicotte a Papa”, “Haut de Gamme: Koweit”, “Rive Gauche”. Today, Koffi is regarded as the undisputed king of romantic rhumba in Africa.

Koffi received a many awards for his music, and more recently, he won the Kora Award for “Best African Artist of The Decade”. On the other hand, the Brazilian Samba dancers have made headlines at many carnivals around the world and usually pull large crowds.

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