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Handball player misses German deal

09 Aug, 2020 - 00:08 0 Views
Handball player misses German deal

The Herald

Tadious Manyepo Sports Reporter
ZIMBABWE international women’s handball player, Melissa Makuwe, has endured a two-year nightmare after missing a bumper opportunity to play for a top Germany side.

The 22-year old wouldn’t replace her lost passport soon enough to secure a deal with Genungener Einstand fur SGA.

Makuwe, who captained the Zimbabwe Under-20 side that grabbed bronze in the International Handball Federation Africa Zone V1 tournament in South Africa in 2016, had passed trials with Gelungener Einstand fur SGA.

But, she had to ask the team authorities for permission to return to her base in South Africa early, as she was in the process of applying for permanent residence.

Makuwe then lost her passport upon touching down in South Africa and it took her ages to replace the travel document.

By the time she eventually secured a new passport, the team had apparently been fed up and wouldn’t give Makuwe a contract.

“I am still pained by that dramatic turn of events which saw me losing an opportunity that had presented itself,” said Makuwe.

“I went for trials in Germany and managed to impress the team’s technical staff.

“I was offered a contract and was on cloud nine but I was also in the process of getting a permanent residence in South Africa, having been playing for a team there, Moletsane, for over three years.

“Unfortunately, I lost my passport and it took me a lot of time to get it replaced.

“That’s how I lost the chance to play in Germany. Every handball player wants to play in Germany as that country is one of the best, if not the best, in terms of the game in the world.”

She has won the best player award on three different occasions in South Africa.

She was signed by Kosovo side, Shkponja, who are based in Gjakova where she spent last season playing.

However, she was forced to return to South Africa before the end of the season to attend her father’s funeral early this year.

But, as she was just about to fly back to Kosovo, the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world and she is still holed up in Johannesburg.

Her contract with the Kosovo team has since expired and the multi-talented athlete, who has represented Zimbabwe in basketball, athletics, football, cricket and judo in age-group competitions, has now set her sights in joining a yet-to-be named English top-flight team.

“I have received an invite for trials with a top English team and I will be flying to the European country once the situation permits.

“Of course, I have been disappointed a lot with how events have turned out over the past few years but I can’t despair.

“After all, I was doing well in Kosovo and the team still wants my services. The team boast of several stars who play for the Kosovo national team.

“I have been given another massive opportunity to become a star of the game and I will take it wholeheartedly.

“I am ready, just praying the situation improves and I am able to travel.”

The former Girls High School student cut her handball teeth participating in such tournaments like the Partile Cup in Sweden, Italy Internamia Cup and the Germany TSG Bergadolf Cup.

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