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Commuters disgruntled over Council’s decision ...

Commuters in Harare have expressed disapproval of the decision by the Harare City Council to ban commuter omnibuses ...

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Hamilton oozes confidence

Hamilton oozes confidence Lewis Hamilton

MELBOURNE. – Lewis Hamilton spent the off-season crisscrossing the globe to party with A-list celebrities but Formula One’s reigning champion is adamant there will be no hangover when he returns to work at this week’s season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

The clear bookmakers’ favourite to win a third successive title with Mercedes, Hamilton will arrive in Melbourne after a whirlwind trip to New Zealand where he took to the skies in a helicopter on Wednesday above the mountain resort of Queens- town. Hamilton’s frequent flying and party lifestyle prompted some pundits to voice concerns about his focus and energy levels in the lead-up to Sunday’s race at Albert Park. However, the 31-year-old says his competitive drive remains as sharp as ever and his feet will be firmly on the ground once he enters the paddock. – Sky Sports.

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