Hailstorm injures 20
At least 47 households were destroyed by hailstorm in Silobela on Monday night

At least 47 households were destroyed by hailstorm in Silobela on Monday night

Michael Magoronga Midlands Correspondent
At least 20 people were hospitalised, while 47 homesteads were destroyed after a hailstorm ripped through Silobela on Monday night. Most of the injured were treated and discharged at Silobela District Hospital, save for a few who needed monitoring.

Kwekwe District Administrator Mr Fortune Mpungu confirmed the incident, saying the affected families were left homeless.
“The hailstorm was so violent that over 20 people were injured, with 47 families homeless after the hailstorm left a trail of destruction,” said Mr Mpungu. He said the injured sought medication at Silobela Distirct Hospital, but were out of danger.

“The injured were treated and discharged and we only have a few who are still receiving treatment and are being monitored in hospital,” he said. Mr Mpungu said his office had since engaged traditional leaders to assist the victims.

“The most affected areas were Wards 1, 2, 21 and 32,” he said. “Traditional leaders and our District Civil Protection Unit (CPU) team is on the ground assisting the affected and gathering finer details so that we come up with a comprehensive report that we will submit to the national CPU.” Mr Mpungu said they were engaging various stakeholders who could assist. Chief Suprene Malisa, whose area was also affected, said the victims were in urgent need of assistance.

“The worst affected are those from Barange area under Headman Makaba and they are in urgent need of alternative shelter, water supply, blankets, basic food commodities and clothes as most of their property was destroyed by the storm. We have engaged (Silobela legislator) Mthokozisi Manoki Mpofu and the District Administrator’s office on the urgent need,” he said.

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