Gweshe’s fresh voice rocks gospel scene

24 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Gweshe’s fresh voice rocks gospel scene Nyarai Gweshe

The Herald

Yeukai Karengezeka-Arts Correspondent

After years in the shadows of other musicians and choirs, gospel singer Nyarai Gweshe has decided to break out and show her immense composing and singing talents with her recently released debut intimate worship single titled “One Spirit” already causing a stir on the market.

The track, which is complemented by a top-class video, was produced by Nigel Nyangombe.

 It was mixed and mastered by Courage Manyumwa of COG Beatz.

On the single, Gweshe begins with a low key describing how God is amazing and how she longs to be united with him  so that they become one.

The song gains momentum when she switches to a Shona verse where she will be describing how much she loves and desires God.

She declares that she is one spirit, one heart and one voice with God.

Born and bred in Mutare, Gweshe, who is an extremely talented and well-polished musician, started singing at an early age.

“Music has always been my passion and I started singing at the age of five,” she said. 

“I would sing at Sunday school and even during some church services and that would make me feel so happy and satisfied.” 

Gweshe, who is a mother of two, said in an interview that she was ready to conquer the world and become a force to reckon with in the music industry.

“I feel excited to be sharing this special song with the world and I believe it will nourish people’s souls.

“More music is on the way and I believe it will impact people’s lives positively.”

Gweshe said she gets her inspiration from the word of God and the teachings that she receives from her spiritual father Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Musically, Gweshe said her role model was Minister Michael Mahendere who has been mentoring her for some time.

She has been a member of Mahendere’s Direct Worship band since 2014, where she has been on backing vocals.

“My role model in the music industry is Minister Mahendere.

“I love the way he articulates God’s abilities through music. I have been under his mentorship for over six years now and he is the one, together with his wife Vimbai, who encouraged me to start composing my own songs and launch my solo career.” 

Gweshe’s role model internationally was renowned gospel diva Sinachi.

Although she has made waves with “One Spirit”, Gweshe is not entirely new to the music scene as she released three songs in the past namely “Alfa and Omega”, “Tinoshumira Jeovha” and “Mbiri” under the United Family International Church Choir.

As is the norm with choirs, songs are attributed to the choir instead of individuals.

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