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Gweru left with six weeks water supply

26 Jul, 2019 - 00:07 0 Views
Gweru left with six weeks water supply Clr Makombe

The Herald

Locadia Mavhudzi Midlands Correspondent
A water crisis looms in Gweru, amid indications that its main source of potable water, Gwenoro Dam, is left with six weeks’ supply.

Gweru Mayor Councillor Josiah Makombe confirmed the development, while addressing community leaders during a sensitisation meeting at Town House on Tuesday.

He said council was faced with a crisis due to erratic water supplies.

“Our main supplier dam, Gwenoro is now left with six weeks water supply. We continue to ration the supplies but as council we are running around to switch to the alternative dam, Amapungogwe in the next few weeks,” said Clr Makombe.

“I would like to assure you that our health department is on high alert for any water borne diseases that may be caused by lack of water.

“We encourage you to promote household and environmental hygiene in your communities.”

Clr Makombe expressed gratitude for the financial support that the local authority has received from Government for the acquisition of water pumps.

“Government has respondent promptly to our situation by availing our devolution grant to the tune of $400 000, while the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) has poured in more funds.

“That will enable us to purchase one water pump this week,” he said.

Gweru city health director Mr Sam Sekenhamo encouraged community leaders to promote basic hygiene through hand-washing.

“All food passes through the hands. It is critical that you encourage hand-washing in your communities, be it churches or any public gatherings.

“We understand that water supplies are currently limited, but let us promote hygiene,” he said.

Meanwhile, community leaders expressed concern over the bad state of the Kudzanayi Bus Terminus vending market.

“You must urgently address health challenges at our main markets at Kudzanayi and Kombayi.

“Sometimes there is no running water while people are vending food stuffs. The toilets are in a deplorable state,” said a representative of vendors plying their trade at Kudzanayi market.

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