Gweru city deals with stray animals

18 Apr, 2019 - 00:04 0 Views

The Herald

Locadia Mavhudzi Midlands Correspondent
Gweru City Council has partnered police, the department of veterinary services, and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to enforce a tie up order to get rid of stray animals, which have become a menace in the city.

In a statement, Gweru city said the operation commences this week and is in line with council by-laws.

“Dog owners and the general public are hereby advised that in terms of the Gweru dog licensing and control by-laws; No person shall keep in the council area more than two dogs on any property measuring less than 2000 m2 or more than four in any area above 2000 m2 . Dogs shall only be kept where the property is securely fenced / walled and gated (hedge is not permissible) Dogs within council area shall be vaccinated against rabies and licenced.”

Gweru City public relations officer Mr Manford Gambiza said all dogs kept within unsecure premises, those in excess of the required number and those found roaming the streets during this period will be regarded as stray dogs and will be shot.

“Dog owners with premises that are not secure are required to put up fences or walls to secure their premises and those with more than the permissible number are advised to surrender the excess dogs to their friends or the SPCA.”

He said the city is also concerned about stray donkeys in Mkoba area that are causing accidents at night.

“City of Gweru has noted with concern the number of donkeys being kept within council area and are destroying property and crops. Some of these donkeys have caused traffic accidents as they roam freely on the streets.

“Keeping of equine animals within Gweru City Council boundaries is in contravention of the Gweru (public health) by-laws part viii section 45 (1) which states that:-no person shall keep, permit or suffer any horse, mule or donkey to be kept on any premises within the municipality unless the following requirements have been met. Permission of council, in writing must first be obtained. All donkey owners are therefore required to immediately remove their animals from council area.”

Areas with a high concentration of donkeys are Mkoba 4,5,9,10,14,15,19,20.

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