Guzah hits back at Mliswa

29 Jun, 2015 - 00:06 0 Views
Guzah hits back at Mliswa Cde Guzah

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Cde Guzah

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Newly-elected Member of the House of Assembly for Hurungwe West Cde Keith Guzah has hit out at his defeated rival Mr Temba Mliswa who has been making malicious allegations against him.

Since the declaration for the vacancy in April following Mr Mliswa’s expulsion from the ruling Zanu-PF party after which he declared himself an independent candidate, Mr Mliswa specialised in hurling insults at his former party and its officials, reserving the worst for Cde Guzah.

He branded Cde Guzah an impostor and a car thief.

Mr Mliswa has also been making sensational claims about “gay gangsters” having taken over Zanu-PF and threatened to name them but has not yet produced a shred of evidence to that effect.

Last week Friday, Cde Guzah said he had had enough of Mr Mliswa’s malice after the June 10 elections.

“His comments on me are not only meant to antagonise my person but my social standing as the newly-elected Member of Parliament for Hurungwe West,” said Cde Guzah.

“My lawyers are now under strict instructions that if he fails to produce evidence that is substantial of me having been arrested, tried and convicted of a car theft charge in my name or any other, he should be sued and made to pay through the nose,” he fumed.

“I had chosen to remain silent because I felt that as people seeking honourable office, we should behave in an honourable manner. Mr Mliswa’s claims, though spurious and vexatious, should be curtailed,” he said.


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