Gutu in trouble over Dubai trip Archieford Gutu

Grace Chingoma-Senior Sports Reporter

FORMER Warriors and Dynamos midfielder Archieford Gutu is in trouble amid allegations that he is holding players from his AG Academy against their will in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Some parents with their children in Dubai have since opened a police case against Gutu.

The parents have also reported the issue to the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Harare.

Gutu, his wife Mona Dube, and 17 players travelled to Dubai in March. But the parents who funded the trip said their kids were almost stranded with no return tickets as well as their travelling documents.

Two parents, who came to The Herald yesterday, said the ex-footballer’s continued demands for money from parents were now bordering on extortion.

Nyaradzai Magovera, who is sister to one of the players in Dubai, Kembo Moyana, told The Saturday Herald yesterday that she smelt a rat last week when Gutu requested US$2 500 per player from the parents.

Magovera said Gutu has been promising parents that he will secure professional contracts for the players in Europe.

“Our children went to Dubai in February and up to now, they are not yet back. They are literally homeless now and they are complaining of hunger.

“We have been sending money but now we are demanding that Archieford give our kids their passports back so that we can buy them return tickets. When they went we paid for the return tickets but we don’t know what’s happening there.

“We have reported the case and it’s now a police case. We have also approached the UAE Embassy; they referred us to Home Affairs. So Home Affairs requested further details and we are compiling the names and passport numbers for submission.

“The matter came to a head last week when Gutu requested US$2 500 from each player. That is when some of us realised this whole thing might be a scam. We are really angry and I want my brother back,” said Magovera.

Another parent, Yvonne Jonas, who is mother to the academy’s skipper Blessing Jonas, said his 21-year-old son wants to come back home and is unhappy with his present situation.

“My son was written in The Herald and he is ready to withdraw the statement he issued out in the newspaper. He is practically stranded.

“They are complaining of hunger and are now being fed baked beans every day. We have been sending money but we are now tired and we want our children back.

“When they went to Dubai they were promised that they would be linked to Swedish agents but we heard only a Nigerian organised some matches for them in Dubai and those from Sweden never came,” said Jonas.

However, Gutu told The Herald on Saturday last night that someone was bent on tarnishing his image.

“I don’t know what the allegations are. There is no way I would bring the academy here to ruin my dream, my connections and my name. 

“I’m shocked because some of the boys are back home and only eight are here,” said Gutu. The former midfielder said the remaining players were in Dubai with their parents’ consent.

“I never asked any parent to give me money for any passport. All the parents who have their kids here are very much aware that we are still here and finishing off what we came here for.

“I know a lot of people are not happy with this move because I have managed to do what many people have failed to do,” said Gutu.

Gutu is the director of the AG Boys based at Mount Pleasant High. The academy opened its doors to players last year and has been making inroads in grooming talent.

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