Guruve machete gangs: 5 arrested

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Guruve machete gangs: 5 arrested

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Five people were recently arrested in Guruve, while several others believed to be in machete gangs are on the run following clashes between rival groups over mining claims.

The five are Terrence Dube, Lytton Moyo, Kudzai Bvereketa, Kuda Zindoga and Goodmore Kaseke, all arrested in May in separate incidents following disturbances that occurred in the Mudindo area of Guruve.

Their cases are now pending before the courts while police are still looking for the other suspects linked to the violent clashes. 

According to police, the two rival groups are linked to two mine owners who are reported to be fighting over mining claims in the area. 

It is reported that sometime last year, one acquired the documents to conduct mining activities in the area and had been working with artisanal miners.

But he reportedly employed other people from Gokwe alleged to be his relatives and this did not go down well with some of the artisanal miners in the area that he had been working with before, resulting with a dispute.

It is also alleged that some of the people employed by that miner now search for gold at the mine owned by second mine owner, which has created the dispute. 

Zindoga is alleged to have hired some people to protect his mining interests.

On May, according to reports made to the police, the two rival groups are said to have been involved in violent clashes in Mudindo area which left five people injured and they were using machetes and knobkerries. 

On May 24, the groups clashed again resulting with more than six people being injured and a report made to police.

Some of the suspects then escaped from these areas for fear of being arrested.

Acting on a tip off, police arrested five suspects and are still looking for others.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told The Herald on Tuesday that investigations are still in progress. He added that police and other stakeholders remain on the ground trying to rectify the dispute.

“Both parties must allow the due process of the law to be followed and they should not resort to solve disputes through violent ways,” said Asst Comm Nyathi.

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