Gringo blames piracy for his financial woes Lazarus Boora

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent
Popular actor Lazarus Boora of  “Gringo” fame has been discharged from hospital and is now recovering at home.

The comedian went under the knife last week after suffering from appendix rapture.

The actor, who had to ask for help to pay medical bills, thanked those who came to his rescue.

Socialites Pokello Nare and Jackie Ngarande were the major contributors to the hospital bill.

Gringo blamed piracy for his financial misfortunes.

“If it wasn’t for piracy, with ‘Gringo Troublemaker’ I would have had made enough to cover my own medical bills,” he said.

Gringo is not the only actor who has struggled with medical expenses with the late Lawrence Simbarashe, popularly known as “Bhonzo” from his role in local comedy “Timmy naBhonzo” having suffered the same predicament.

The artiste called on Government to implement measures that benefit his sector, as well as improving it to develop into a viable industry.

“We produce good enough content that could compete internationally if there were good support structures that curb piracy and develop the sector into an industry.

“Instead of artistes begging for help, we should be the ones rendering assistance to the community building hospitals and schools, while aiding those less fortunate and those in disaster-hit areas.

“It saddens me that we are the ones who now have to go back seeking assistance,” said Gringo.

The actor said lack of a viable industry and poor remuneration would not stop him from showcasing his talent.

“I will keep on acting. I will not stop pleasing the people of Zimbabwe, because even in my time of need it is their prayers and financial contributions that keeps me going. For that I’m eternally grateful,” he said.

“When I fell sick, I was preparing to go for a shoot of the current production I’m starring ‘Village Secrets’ in Chivhu.

“As soon as wounds from my operation heal I will continue with the drama series which is screened on ZTV every day at 10.30pm.”

Gringo thanked all the fellow artistes who have been visiting him since he fell sick.

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