Greatman to welcome son with new song Greatman Gwaze and wife Silibaziso Masara with their newly-born baby boy, Karran, after being discharged from Sally Mugabe Central Hospital in Harare yesterday. — Picture Memory Mangombe

Rumbidzayi Zinyuke
Senior Reporter
Sungura/ afro fusion musician Greatman Tongai Gwaze says the birth of his son, Karran has given him a new approach to life and he will this week release a new song dedicated to him.

Greatman, who is married to Silibaziso Masara, welcomed their first child on Tuesday at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital, where he immediately named him Karran.

According to Seven Reflections, the name Karran means extremes in fortune, health and spirituality.

Greatman, who was accompanied by his family and friends were they were picking up Silibaziso and newly baby, was excited as he revealed in an interview that all his work as a musician would now be dedicated to his son.

“I now have someone to whom I will pass the baton, someone who will make me a better person. All the music that I will do will be for him now. I will release a single any day this week and it is titled “Padzinogumira”. This song, which I worked on with Dorcas Moyo, speaks of how God begins to work in our lives when we reach our limits as humans,” he said.

He said the name Karran was a unique Indian name that he had picked from some of his favourite Bollywood movies.

“It is a unique name for a special boy’”

Greatman said the birth of his son was proof that people living with disabilities can live their lives just as much as everyone else.

“A lot of people might not understand it —but this is a sign that I can do everything that an able bodied person can do. I used to doubt that I will ever have my own child but this has proven that God really can do what we cannot do. I want to encourage people with disability to believe that anything is possible. Just because God gave you disability doesn’t mean he will not bless you with positive gifts,” he said.

He said he hoped that one day he would work with his son to produce great music and leave a legacy.

Greatman also heaped praises on his wife.

“To my wife, I want to say you are a very strong woman, and you are one in a million. That is why the world didn’t understand it because you are unique,” he added.

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