Great Zimbabwe Hotel lends a hand to Morgenster Mission Hospital

29 Nov, 2021 - 15:11 0 Views
Great Zimbabwe Hotel lends a hand to Morgenster Mission Hospital Walls in the paediatric wing at Morgenster Mission Hospital will be renovated by Great Zimbabwe Hotel.

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George Maponga in Masvingo


Great Zimbabwe Hotel is spearheading the retooling and renovation of Morgenster Mission Hospital in a move that will boost health delivery in Masvingo district and surrounding areas.


The Africa Sun-owned three-star hotel has already started fixing the laundry equipment at the hospital which was battling owing to obsolescence of equipment.


Patients were being asked to bring their own laundry to the hospital but the situation is poised to change after Great Zimbabwe Hotel intervened as part of its corporate social responsibility drive.


The hotel’s human resources officer Ms Hillary Hove says renovation works would also soon start at the hospital’s paediatric department to repair battered and cracked walls.


The hotel has also undertaken to donate 32 new blankets to ease the challenge of bed linen at the institution.


Ms Hove said Great Zimbabwe Hotel will also procure more delivery beds for the hospital’s maternity wing which only has one at the moment.


Great Zimbabwe Hotel is also planning to host a Christmas lunch at the nearby Nemanwa Clinic with HIV positive children.


Ms Phylis Sambo, who is the new general manager, said the hotel intends to make a huge footprint into corporate social responsibility as a way of appreciating its rebounding business after tourism was hurt by the global lockdown spawned by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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