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Granny falls in well saving stray dog


Herald Reporters
A 70-year-old Harare woman’s passion for dogs nearly ended in tragedy after she accidentally plunged into a neighbour’s 50m-deep disused well while trying to rescue a stray canine trapped inside. The incident happened on Friday last week. Mrs Larraine Taylor of Hatfield escaped with minor injuries when she fell into the uncovered well, but was happy that she managed to rescue the dog that had been trapped inside since midnight.
When The Herald got to the house, Mrs Taylor had her leg bandaged and was nursing wounds she sustained to her arms and body.
The dog was treated at the veterinary clinic before it was handed over to a rehabilitation home.
“My passion for dogs nearly gave an end to my life after I woke up around 5am and heard the dog that seemed to be in pain,” said Mrs Taylor.
“I discovered the noise was coming from our neighbour’s yard and I went there before proceeding to a grassy area that was shielding the uncovered well. I tried to reach for metal bars that were in the well, but I succumbed to gravity and nose-dived inside.
“I swam for close to 10 minutes, but I was struggling to call out for help because water was getting into my mouth. Eventually, I reached for the iron bar which I held while the other hand was holding the                                                                                       dog.”
Mrs Taylor said she was rescued by two boys who heard her calling for help. They lowered a rope to her and both she and the dog were pulled out.
“They wanted to take me out first, but I saw it necessary for them to help the dog which seemed to have fallen into the well at around 12am,” she                                                             said.
“The dog was shaking and could not walk because it was tired of swimming for more than six hours.”

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