Grade 2D wins Chibuku Road to Fame Grade 2D winners of Chibuku Road to Fame 2022.

Edward Zvemisha-Arts Correspondent

Afro fusion and jazz contemporary outfit Grade 2D won the 2022 Chibuku Road to Fame finals at an event held on Saturday at Glamis Arena, Harare. 

The Mashonaland West province-based outfit pocketed US$15 000, while second place went to The Grooves from Midlands which got US$10 000 and third place went to Matabeleland North’s Shantani Musical Band which was awarded US$7 000.

Speaking on the sidelines of the concert, Grade 2D representative, Reginald Kamuchanyu, said the victory was a reward for the determination since the group’s inception in 2014.

“The name 2D came about as other groups referred themselves as superior to us, and as such we became the underdogs, but winning this year’s competition is amazing as it is encouragement to others that Nomatter what people say, stay true to your mission and vision as an individual or group,” said Kamuchanyu.

Grade 2D winners of Chibuku Road to Fame 2022.

All the groups that won provincial competitions from all the 10 provinces showed they have what it takes to be the next big act from Zimbabwe, but there was to be only one winner.

The event did not just feature the competitors, well known artistes dazzled the fans who were enjoying the festivities and games that took place during the event. 

The star-studded line-up included Winky D, Ex Q, Tocky Vibes, Mark Ngwazi, Baba Harare, Godfather Templeman, DJ Mbali and the 2019 Chibuku Road to Show Fame winners, Identity Band.

This year’s event was a 60-year anniversary celebration for Delta Corporation’s Chibuku brand and it did not disappoint.

The opening act came from Zimdancehall changer, Tocky Vibes, who, while the fans were waiting for the final results, produced a stelar performance which left the fans calling for more, pleading with him to go past his slotted time.

Winky D performed to everyone’s expectations, as he is well known for his lively performances which leave the fans drooling for more.

Mark Ngwazi, who has recently been compared to Sungura legend, Alick Macheso, brought a lot of flare for the Sungura fans whose energetic dances always leave them feeling the exhaustion of a classy act. 

Other acts like EXQ, Baba Harare, Godfather Templeman, DJ Mbali and an appearance from DJ Tamuka meant the show and competition did not only thrill the fans, but the organisers made sure the 60-year anniversary celebrations did not deter the milestone achieved.

It was only those who where at the 2022 Chibuku Road to Fame that will clearly testify how the event not only lived to expectations, but gave more than expected.

The event was not all rosy from the fans’ side as the effects of alcohol were heavily felt, with some fights erupting in the crowd, prompting the police to get into the crowd and remove the trouble causers.

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