Govt/FAO partnership set to improve fishers’ livelihood

04 Nov, 2021 - 10:11 0 Views
Govt/FAO partnership set to improve fishers’ livelihood

The Herald

Walter Nyamukondiwa in Kariba

Government has partnered with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to improve the livelihoods of fishers in Lake Kariba.

A technical co-operation agreement has since been signed paving way for the implementation of a project aimed at building resilience among fishers who are affected by post-harvest losses and lack of markets among other challenges.

The project includes trainings and setting up of sub-area fishing associations.

Fishers’ representatives welcomed the development saying buyers were getting fish for a song.

Ms Eneresi Ndodo of Msampakaruma Fishing Camp said buyers were getting fish from them for as little as USD$1.20 a kilogramme but go on to sell for more than USD$3.50.

Ms Ndodo said buyers determine the price of fish and when demand is low, prices go lower, affecting their livelihoods.

Gache Gache Fishing Camp chairperson Mr Tichaona Manzungu said more needs to be done to empower fishers in Lake Kariba.

He said the project should be fully implemented so that they would get rewarded for their effort.

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