Govt workers’ demands must be reasonable Recently, Government awarded its workers a 100 percent salary increment on top of the US$175 Covid-19 allowance, as an inflationary cushion. 

Mukachana Hanyani-Correspondent

The emergency of the opposition political party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) now CCC, respectively led by the late Morgan Tsvangirai and Nelson Chamisa, has gravely cursed the country. 

The MDC came with a mentality that viewed Zimbabweans as people who are incapable to chat their own destiny. 

They believed and still believe that Zimbabweans need hand-holding by Western countries led by the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (US) and the European Union (EU).

Since then, Zimbabweans have witnessed widespread demonstrations and strikes fronted by the opposition buoyed by funding from western countries. The strikes were meant to destabilise the country and cause regime change. 

Of concern is that the CCC is now abusing both public and private sector workers through creating mercenaries within the workforce. 

Of late, some Government workers have directly and indirectly joined opposition politics, thereby creating unworkable environment in the public sector. 

Whatever efforts the Government is undertaking to cushion workers are not recognised and appreciated.

Recently, Government awarded its workers a 100 percent salary increment on top of the US$175 Covid-19 allowance, as an inflationary cushion. 

The Government went further to promise the workers that negotiations for another round of salary increments would go on until both sides are satisfied. 

Surprisingly when everyone thought the Government has done well for its workers, Teachers Unions and Public Service Association on July 4, jointly gave the Government a 14-day notice of an industrial action for more salary increments and other benefits. 

One wonders why the Government workers are threatening to go on industrial action when the Government has recently awarded them 100 percent salary increment on top of the untaxed US$175 allowance, which is not taxed, but hard cash indeed. 

This is why some political analysts are pointing to a third hand manipulating government workers. They always want to blame Government even where it would have done well. 

This is typical of opposition politics manifesting itself among civil servants. On top of the 100 percent salary increment, Government has also introduced non-monetary benefits like free duty importation of cars. 

The Government has also made available land for civil servants for residential stands and also plots for farming. With all those initiatives, they still want to go ahead with their demonstrations. Only workers with a force behind can fail to appreciate Government efforts. 

As if the above mentioned benefits were not enough, Government went further to make available Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) buses meant to transport civil servants from both rural and urban areas to their banks during paydays and holidays. 

This has seen teachers and other Government workers, especially from rural areas benefiting from this incentive. However, the same workers are failing to appreciate these initiatives.

Such behaviour by some civil servants leaves one to conclude that they are being used by agents of regime change who are vigorously fighting for the downfall of the ruling party. 

Some of those Government workers are frustrating the implementation of Government projects so that they are not completed in time with a view to exposing the Government to blame. The move is meant to politically profit the CCC. 

A close assessment of these workers’ behaviour shows that they have turned into mercenaries. While everyone must be paid handsomely, it raises suspicions for the civil servants to threaten to go on strike for another salary increment when the government has not closed doors for negotiations. 

If Teachers’ Unions and Public Service Workers were really in need of another salary increment, they must go back to negotiation table with their employer. 

Why would they want to demonstrate against Government as if Government has closed doors on negotiations? Why would the same fail to seek opinions concerning salary increments from all workers around the country on whether they are happy or not with the 100 percent plus US$175?

Their plan exposes them as real agents of regime change because they are aware that if they can’t show their western sponsors that they are able to confront Government, their funding will dry out. 

It is clear and open that leaders of those unions are sponsored by western countries to cause mayhem in the country as a way of causing regime change. Their concerns are not genuine because their plans are not supported by the majority of their membership.

It is clear that Union leaders are just making noise to please their sponsors so that they are rewarded. Government workers would do better if they desist from being used by those who seek regime change in Zimbabwe.

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