. . . Govt welcomes support

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. . . Govt welcomes support Mr Mangwana

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Farirai Machivenyika
Senior Reporter
Government has thanked Zimbabweans and the international community for their support and unequivocal calls for the removal of Western-imposed sanctions against the country during the commemoration of the Sadc Anti-Sanctions Day on Sunday.

The Sadc Anti-Sanctions Day held annually on October 25 was set aside last year during the regional body’s Heads of State and Government Summit held in Tanzania.

Commemorations were held under the theme, “Resilience, Progress and Solidarity under an environment of sanctions.”

Sadc, the AU and various countries that include South Africa, China and Russia all called for the removal of the sanctions imposed by the US and EU that have crippled the country’s economy.

Local religious groups, traditional leaders and ordinary Zimbabweans also joined the rest of Sadc in condemning the illegal embargo.

Yesterday, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Mr Nick Mangwana expressed Government’s gratitude.

“The International Solidarity in our fight against sanctions on our motherland was overwhelming thank you.

“Leaders who risked a lot to stand up and be counted as fighters for justice for us- We thank you.

“Zimbabweans this is your fight and you rallied- thank you. #ZimSanctionsMustGo,” Mr Mangwana wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Mozambique Douglas Nyikayaramba told the Mozambican media on Sunday that the sanctions were imposed as a result of the adoption of the fast track land reform programme meant to correct the land ownership structure.

“Both the US and the EU sanctions are illegal because they violate Article 41 of the UN Charter, which say that sanctions can only be signed by the UN Security Council,” he said.

Ambassador Nyikayaramba said the sanctions have been costly to Zimbabwe’s economy, which had lost over US$42 billion over the past 18 year.

He said the lost revenue include bilateral donor support, loans from multilateral organisations including loans to the private sector.

“The sanctions have negatively affected key sectors of the economy that include agriculture, manufacturing, mining, energy, the financial institutions among others,” Ambassador Nyikayaramba said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran yesterday also condemned the sanctions.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly and unreservedly condemns this unjustified imposition of the illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe, its people and by extension to the Sadc region.

“We, therefore, demand the immediate and unconditional removal of these inhumane and illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe,” read part of a statement released by the country’s embassy in Zimbabwe.

The embassy said it knew the effect of the illegal sanctions as it was in a similar situation.

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