Govt starts railway line repairs Minister Mhona

Work has started to repair the country’s railway network in line with the national vision to modernise infrastructure, Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Felix Mhona told the National Assembly on Wednesday when answering questions.

Minister Mhona said recently Zimbabwe had experienced accidents at railroad crossings because people thought the railway lines were no longer functional.

“Yes, our infrastructure was poor and dilapidated, but I would like to tell this Parliament and the country at large that our railway line is still very intact. Our tracks are being used. However, 10 percent of our tracks need attention and we are working on straightening out those tracks. It will take time of course, but it is our wish as Government to revamp our tracks.

“We have sectors that are looking into the railway system right now. We are about to finish Machipanda to Manicaland. We have 10km that have gone bad; we are trying to revamp that in conjunction with a company from Mozambique. We are revamping that and resuscitating the railway so that as a land-locked country, we are able to access ports, be it Beira or Maputo,” he said.

Work on the Harare-Chitungwiza railway line would also start soon.

“We are working on Chitungwiza–Harare tracks in liaison with the CMED. In a short time, we will be working on this track to enable residents of Chitungwiza to come to town by train. The service will also be extended to Norton and Ruwa.

Minister Mhona said there are also plans to build new railway lines to facilitate the transport of commodities such as minerals. – New Ziana

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