Andrew Chimedza Herald Correspondent
Zimbabwe must retain ownership of all information channels to control and promote progressive messages that foster development, a Deputy Minister has said.

The Deputy Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Monica Mutsvangwa said ownership of information channels by the State would ensure progressive messages focused on economic and social development of the nation.

She was speaking in an interview on Wednesday following a ministerial workshop on Development and Management of Radio and Television Media for Developing Countries held in China recently.

Deputy Minister Mutsvangwa said they learnt a lot during the workshop in China, which is investing heavily in the information sector as it has become the second largest economy in the world.

China is Africa’s largest investor with investments valued at $200 billion against $88 billion put in by the United States.

“You cannot control the information if you don’t retain ownership of information channels,” said Deputy Minister Mutsvangwa.

“That is why their (China’s) model is State-owned. They have disapproved the myth that public ownership is tantamount to bad management and loss-making investments.”

Deputy Minister Mutsvangwa said Zimbabwe should sell messages of a developing State with the idea of unity, hope and cohesion.

“We have noticed that China is hungry for good quality and correct information on Africa,” she said.

“They don’t want the African stereotypes. They are ready to co-operate with us to create a new type of image which celebrates our relationships.”

Deputy Minister Mutsvangwa said Zimbabwe should train journalists to be progressive in their reporting and concentrate on promoting social justice.

“The State-owned media in China actually do make money and pay dividends to the State and they are listed on the stock market,” she said. “Our country should emulate that.”

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