Govt removing dependency syndrome Minister Tino Machakaire

Joseph Madzimure Senior Reporter

GOVERNMENT is working towards removing the dependency syndrome amongst youths by equipping them with life-changing skills, Youth Empowerment, Development and Vocational Training Minister Tino Machakaire has said.

In an interview, Minister Machakaire said the number of youthful ministers in Cabinet is quite impressive.

Minister Machakaire said the Robert Gabriel Mugabe National Youth Day was proclaimed and instituted in 2017 to celebrate the contribution made by the youth towards the development of Zimbabwe.

“The youth have a role to play in the country’s progression towards upper middle-income economy status by 2030.

“Young people are the hope of our future and the energy of our present. Ministers through their ministries should come up with programmes which empower youth and offer opportunities to contribute towards economic and political development of our country,” he said.

Commenting on vocational Training Centres, Minister Machakaire said they are critical in imparting critical survival skills to the young people

“Government is working towards removing the dependency syndrome amongst youths by equipping them with life-changing skills for them to be self-sufficient. We are establishing youth desks in all Government departments to cater to the young,” he said.

Minister Machakaire was instrumental in organising the just ended Youth Day celebrations in Masvingo where more than 30 000 young people converged on Mushagashe Vocational Training Centre.

President Mnangagwa headlined the event held under the theme: “Positioning youth empowerment and development towards achieving Vision 2030”.

Addressing a press conference in Harare on Tuesday, Minister Machakaire, said the event would see youths excelling in various sectors being rewarded by the Government.

“The main purpose of these celebrations is to bring together the Government and young people to engage on the potential of youths to participate in the economy and accelerate the achievement of Vision 2030.

“The day has been identified as an opportune event that the Government should invest in to celebrate with the young people, taking stock of programmes and initiatives to inculcate values that our fore-bearers displayed for national development,” he said.

The venue for the main celebrations was deliberately chosen to showcase the technical ability of youths who were enrolling at vocational training centres and their value in the achievement of the country’s vision of having an upper-middle income economy by 2030.

“Having the celebrations of the day in different provinces will enable youths and the Government to engage in community specific exchange programmes, provide young people with opportunities for ownership, accountability, responsibility and sustainability of initiatives while leaving no place and no one behind,” Minister Machakaire said.

“Youth in enterprise, universities, colleges, local authorities, businesses, civic organisations and development partners will exhibit their programmes, activities and opportunities for youths.

“The celebrations are crucial as they identify and unlock the socio-economic potential of youths through building the capacity of young people. They also increase awareness, commitment and investment in youth development initiatives, programmes and projects.“The celebrations help us fulfill our quest to have an informed and empowered youth. They improve social cohesion and socio-economic participation of youths”.

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