Govt remains resolute on delivering modern houses Minister Daniel Garwe

Talent Chimutambgi Herald Reporter

THE Government remains resolute in its quest to ensure availability of modern houses for the general populace in line with the national development agenda.

Addressing delegates at the second session of the United Nations Habitat, Assembly running June 5 to 9 in Nairobi, Kenya, National Housing and Social Amenities Minister Daniel Garwe said Zimbabwe was committed to enhancing social needs of its citizens that conforms with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Min Garwe said efforts were underway to meet the housing backlog by providing at least 220 000 houses by the year 2025, insisting the country had surpassed half of the target.

He said the development was part of President Mnangagwa’s incessant call for the full participation of all citizens in developmental programmes.

“The Republic of Zimbabwe subscribes to Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and as a result the domain of human settlements development, as guided by SDG 11 for sustainable cities and towns, is being driven accordingly.

“Coordinative efforts are also under way to develop all our marginalized communities as per the mantra, ‘leave no one and no place behind’ and is enshrined in our National Vision 2030 of becoming an Upper Middle Income by 2030,” said Min Garwe.

“Our National Development Strategy (NDS) 1’s objective of delivering a total of 220 000 housing units by 2025 has seen 186 000 units built within two years from inception,” he said.

Min Garwe added: “Pursuant to our Vision 2030 of an Upper Middle-Income Economy by 2030, Government is championing a programme on rural transformation which ensures that clean water, sanitation and decent houses are provided in rural communities and in line with the mantra that no one and no place will be left behind in the development agenda.”

He said the occasion was relevant to the national philosophy that a country is best developed by its citizens, brick by brick and stone upon stone.

Min Garwe said Zimbabwe was making frantic efforts to establish smart cities with affordable houses with best technologies.

“The country is establishing sustainable smart cities where people can live, work and play and with the use of New Building Technologies which enhances effective delivery of units at half the time and cost. The development will also ensure delivery of settlements that are sustainable, modern and affordable.”

He said Government was seized with accelerating regularisation of informal settlements in most cities which sprouted as a result of urbanisation in Zimbabwe.

“The rapid urbanisation in Zimbabwe has given rise to the proliferation of informal and irregular settlements that require regularization, sanitisation and the subsequent issuance of title deeds to ensure land access and security of tenure.

“Our Government is also working on urban regeneration of derelict housing units replacing them with high rise flats which are in conformity with the densification policy.”

Min Garwe said resource mobilisation through engagements with private partners that were key to the developments.

He said the efforts were marred with challenges chief among the illegal sanctions which are exposing the country’s economy to a frightful peril.

“In terms of financial resource mobilisation, engagements with private sector institutions is underway as we are exploring mortgage systems that are consistent with the prevailing economic environment.

“It is pertinent to note that the current untenable macro-economic environment was occasioned by the imposition of illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe by the West in response to our land reform programme,” he said.

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