Govt pledges to promote youth entrepreneurship

29 May, 2018 - 00:05 0 Views
Govt pledges to promote youth entrepreneurship Minister Mutsvangwa

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Wimbainashe Zhakata Mutare Correspondent
GOVERNMENT has pledged to create an environment that is conducive to youth entrepreneurship to promote the emergence of a middle income economy by 2030.

Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs Monica Mutsvangwa, who was represented by director for provincial affairs in her office, Mr Kennedy Mugarisanwa, made the remarks at the Manicaland Young Business Leaders Indaba that was held at Mutare Polytechnic College last Friday.

Minister Mutsvangwa said the development of the world is now dominated by brain-intensive industries, which include computers and software, robotics, microelectronics, material sciences and biotechnology among many others that require a significantly different set of skills from those that were used in the past.

“Asia is a clear example where reinventing new products and perfecting new production processes has created economic growth,” she said.

She encouraged young people to develop new skills to remain relevant in the global market.

“Young leaders must take account of these international developments and develop new skills to remain relevant in the global economy,” she said

Minister Mutsvangwa also said that Government was committed to supporting young people to pursue their ambitions.

“Government is here to support and motivate you, not to limit what you can become as was the case in the past. We are now in a new dispensation which respects the rights of every citizen to pursue their ambitions and aspirations without limit,” she said.

Young entrepreneurs have said the business environment in the country is not friendly to most start ups.

Co-founder and chief executive of Farai Pyro, a local green electrical energy company, Mr Allen Matsika said many start-ups were failing to take off because of too much red tape in the business environment.

“As an energy company, we are asked to go through many stages and pay a lot of money just to earn a licence that allows us to proceed with our work. But we do not have that money. Getting a licence should not be this difficult, especially if the company has the potential to change the dynamics of the economy,”

Amanda Ranganawa, a Mutare-based actress and filmmaker also expressed challenges faced by young people in the arts sector.

“In terms of business in the arts sector, people in the society should take arts seriously and consider it as a job.

“They should not ask for free services, but should learn to pay for the services they receive,” she said.

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