Govt pledges to empower arts sector Minister Kirsty Coventry

Rebecca Kabaya Arts Reporter

Government has pledged unwavering commitment in improving the arts by creating long-term strategies and initiatives that will facilitate high quality production within the sector.

Addressing delegates attending a workshop on cultural and creative industries strategy underway in Harare yesterday, Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Minister Kirsty Coventry (pictured) said citizens must hold the Government accountable for failing to deliver on its mandate.

“I urge you to challenge Government and to hold it accountable as we are going to do the same to you. I look forward to hear the outcomes of the workshop.

“I look forward to create strategies for you.

“When you see someone not doing what we have set out to do, hold them accountable, pull them aside and say, ‘come on, is that what you are going to achieve on what we set out to do on this workshop two weeks ago, two months ago, two years ago?,” she said.

Minister Coventry said Government needed the artistes and the relationship is reciprocal so as to strengthen and move the industry forward.

“My ministry will be able to bring communities together and strengthen us but it’s not going to work alone.

“You all play a very important role as part of the strategy is to focus on producing high quality goods.

“There is talent out there in different genres. We want to make sure that through the workshops we produce something that we are proud of as Zimbabweans.

That’s where l want to see us guide, learn from each other and working as one,” she said.

Some of the arts representatives who were present include Professor Fred Zindi, Antony Mutambira, Daves Guzha, Dr Tammy Goromondi and singer Tongai Gwaze popularly known as Greatman.

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