Govt mobilises $28m to curb cholera spread

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Govt mobilises $28m to curb cholera spread Cholera virus

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GOVERNMENT has started mobilising $28 million for Chegutu Municipality to carry out water augmentation and improve reticulation to curb possible cholera outbreaks.

Chegutu has been identified as one of the country’s cholera hotspots that require urgent intervention through improved water supplies.

The town has experienced several cholera outbreaks over the years which have claimed many lives.

This was disclosed by Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister July Moyo in response to Chegutu West National Assembly member Dexter Nduna’s letters detailing challenges being faced by the town.

Mr Nduna had also implored Government to find a lasting solution to stem perennial outbreaks of water-borne diseases in the town.

“You will be pleased to know that my ministry is making every effort to facilitate Chegutu Municipality with the very limited resources available,” said Minister Moyo.

“I wish to inform you that the Ministry has identified Chegutu as a ‘cholera hotspot’ and is seeking $28 324 112, 70 to fund various projects in this sector,” read the letter. The development comes as Government recently allocated Chegutu $1 million to rehabilitate its water and sewer reticulation systems.

The municipality is replacing a two-kilometre stretch of the old water pipeline with a new line that is being laid adjacent to the old one.

“The council received $1 million under PISP and its working on the replacement of the trunk water line from the treatment plant to the water tower to cut down on water losses,” Minister Moyo said.

“A second pipeline up to the water tower is being installed to allow for a separate inlet and outlet to improve distribution efficiency. Furthermore council has purchased a number of water meters to facilitate cost recovery for water utilised by residents.” The replacement of water meters in some parts of the town is on hold due to shoddy work by the contracted firm.

The local authority has since engaged a new contractor after realising that the initial one had no capacity to install the water meters.

Chegutu is replacing its water meters after realising that there is a sizeable number of households are enjoying free water due to faulty water meters that have been giving false readings.

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