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Govt intensifies efforts to expand transmission

12 Feb, 2012 - 22:02 0 Views
Govt intensifies efforts to expand transmission

The Herald

Minister has said.
In his speech to mark today’s World Radio Day, Media, Information and Publicity Minister Webster Shamu said Radio Zimbabwe and Power FM coverage of the country was now 80 percent, while television transmission had increased from 45 to 75 percent.
He said three television transmitters were already installed in Beitbridge, Plumtree and Victoria Falls.
Minister Shamu said construction of towers was underway at St Alberts in Mount Darwin and in Mudzi.
He said work on 10 more sites is expected to start this year if treasury released the US$5,1 million allocated to his ministry.
“As the nation joins the rest of the world in marking the World Radio Day, it is important to acknowledge the role being played by the country’s signal career, Transmedia, in rehabilitating and expanding the national radio transmission network, albeit with very limited resources,” said Minister Shamu.
“Radio Zimbabwe and Power FM coverage of the country is now 80 percent after work was completed on all the 24 Frequency Modulation sites while National FM and SFM coverage has reached 60 percent.
“Through Transmedia, Government has been implementing a television digitalisation programme and working to expand television transmission and reception.”
Minister Shamu said radio played a critical role in unifying people from diverse backgrounds.
He urged radio broadcasting to strive on building a social fabric hinged on the country’s revolutionary past. Minister Shamu said the broadcasting sector was continuing to grow with the licensing of new players in the industry.
“We are pleased that this sector continues to expand with the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe in November 2011 licensing AB Communications and Talk Radio as free to air independent radio stations,” he said.
“The BAZ has also invited applications for 14 local commercial radio stations as moves intensify to diversify the radio broadcasting sector.”
The World Radio Day is being commemorated for the first time after its establishment by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation on November 3 last year. February 13 is also the anniversary of the day the United Nations established the UN Radio in 1946.
The day is set aside to encourage and promote the creation of more and better radio content and expand access to information through the channel.

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