Herald Reporter

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is this week conducting a joint assessment of operations in schools which started on Wednesday, ministry spokesperson Mr Taungana Ndoro has said.

Mr Ndoro said they are doing the programme with development partners with the aim of finding out first hand what is happening in schools.

The programme complemented the regular updates the ministry gets through their system from schools up to the districts, provinces to the head office.

“Our team from the head office is touring schools across the country and we have divided the teams so that all provinces are covered,” said Mr Ndoro.

“We are doing a joint assessment with partners to see challenges these schools face, to understand reasons for learner dropouts in some instances, also to see if what is directed at head office is being implemented in schools among other things.

“As the Ministry we are aware of most of these things that happen in schools because we have a system that brings issues right from schools up to the head office level.

“Now we are doing this joint assessment with partners so that if there are areas they feel they can participate in, they can join in our endeavour to improve the country’s education system,” said Mr Ndoro.

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