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Govt eyes 67 more Covid-19 health centres

01 Apr, 2020 - 03:04 0 Views
Govt eyes 67 more Covid-19 health centres Dr Moyo

The Herald

Joseph Madzimure, Senior Reporter
GOVERNMENT is working on establishing more than 67 health centres across the country to cater for Covid-19 cases.

At present the country has 30 facilities that are located in all the provinces and include isolation units at existing provincial and district hospitals as well as the three major infectious hospitals run by the local authorities — Wilkins, Beatrice and Thorngrove.

Health and Child Care Minister Obadiah Moyo said plans were at advanced stage to establish 67 temporary treatment and isolation facilities across the country to manage cases that may present at district, provincial and national level.

He commended private players who were coming on board to assist the Government by providing facilities to manage Covid-19 cases.

Sakunda Holdings has already committed US$2,7 million towards the refurbishment of Rock Foundation Medical Centre and St Anne’s in

Harare as part of private sector initiatives to support Government efforts in fighting Covid-19.

Sakunda Holdings wants the two hospitals to be used for Covid-19 response by all Zimbabweans, and Government has since given the hospitals the green light to do preparatory work, while awaiting licensing from the relevant authorities.

Among the equipment Sakunda Holdings is bringing into the country are 100 ventilators, 10 000 rapid test kits, 10 000 disposal protective gowns, 20 000 medical masks, 10 000 disposable shoe covers, 100 infra-red thermometers, 5 000 respirator N95 masks and 2 000 hand sanitisers, among other paraphernalia required to fight Covid-19.

“For Harare we have had private organisations who are coming forward and they want to work with Government in establishing more isolation facilities. These are not facilities for private cases only, these are facilities for any Zimbabwean who gets sick in Harare or even if you are coming from outside,” said Minister Moyo.

Social media was awash with reports that Rock Foundation Medical Centre and St Anne’s Hospital were for the upper crust of society.

Minister Moyo said the two health facilities were open to everyone regardless of one’s social status.

“I have noticed in the social media they have been saying that these facilities are for the elite. But they are not. These are facilities for everyone,” he said.

At least 1 640 health facilities in the country have been sensitised on providing supportive management for mild Covid-19 cases.

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