Govt amending Mines & Minerals Act Dr Polite Kambamura

Patrick Chitumba Midlands Bureau Chief
Government is amending the Mines and Minerals Act to include a policy that legalises repossessing of non-functioning claims or mines used for speculative purposes.

Addressing members of the corporate world and academia during the Business Weekly Midlands Devolution breakfast meeting in Gweru last week, Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Development Polite Kambamura said the new “use it or lose it” policy was aimed at making sure that claims or mines were used for the benefit of the country.

“In an effort to cause release of ground to other potential investors and ensure mining entities do not hold onto mining titles for speculative purposes, the Ministry will be soon enforcing the use it or lose it principle in line with the Mines and Minerals Act which is being amended,” he said.

“It will be submitted to Parliament next month.”

Deputy Minister Kambamura said under this policy, holders of idle mining projects will be required to show cause to the Ministry why they were not working on the mining claims.

Unsatisfactory reasons will lead to appropriate action in terms of the law including cancellation of mining title.

“We call upon the province to identify such and assist the ministry in this regard,” said Deputy Minister kambamura. “The use it or lose it principle targets reopening of closed mines, expansion of Mines operating below capacity and opening of new mines. Operating companies must come up with sound corporate social responsibility.”

Deputy Minister Kambamura said the Ministry was pleased to note that illegal mining activities which were threatening Gaika Mine in Kwekwe were now under control.

“The owners of Duration Gold Limited and their investors are now making preparations to resume operations,” he said.

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