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Gospel Power

Gospel Power

Lovemore Chikova
Gospel Power, the gospel music outfit fronted by Pastor Lawrence Gunda, has broken its silence with one of the fastest trending single simply titled “Handiburuke”.

Since the single was released last week, the phrase “Handiburuke” has been trending on various social media, including Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.

Many people are trying to outwit each other on social media platforms by coming up with the best skits that truly depict the song and its meaning. Even popular comedian Prosper Ngomashi, who uses the stage name Comic Pastor, could not resist the appeal of the song’s message and has done his own skit on “Handiburuke”.

It is now common to hear people when faced with difficult situations to just say “Handiburuke”, in defiance of the circumstances.

It is such power of the single and its title that it has managed to break barriers because it appeals to the majority, including even those who are not Christians. It is the message that makes the single appeal to people from various backgrounds, but without losing its Christian meaning.

The song is about someone declaring they will never “back down” from the level God would have made them attain. It encourages people to never look back, in general or in their Christian belief in particular.

Even in the adversity of enemies plotting their evil thoughts, the song gives the courage that one should remain adamant not to lose their new found position.

What also makes the “Handiburuke” single unique is the perfect arrangement of the vocals and the accompanying instruments. One rarely finds such a song in gospel music circles nowadays which has the message, the vocals and the instruments done so expertly.

Written, composed and arranged by Pastor Gunda, who is also known as Worshipper Larry Gunda, “Handiburuke” is like the continuation of the musical journey by the talented Gospel Power. The other members of the group are Kenneth Siwaleyi, who does vocals on the song together with Pastor Gunda and keyboardists Godfrey Mazinyana and Lovemore Gunda. The group has done four albums “Akubhekumusa”, “Kana Zvamubata”, “Achapindura” and “Kunyarara”.

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