Gospel musician Juma comes of age

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Gospel musician Juma comes of age Francis Juma

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Gospel musician Francis Juma’s latest offering titled “Zarurai” has proven that his music is maturing with time.

Juma is fondly known for singing Anglican hymns, but his new eight-track album carries a mix of Anglican hymns, his original compositions, and some collaborations.

The songs were sung in different languages including Shona, English and Chichewa, as he targets to widen his fan base.

The album was produced by Alpha Dhapi and Wilson Savanhu at A.dee Productions.

He featured prominent afro-jazz crooner Victor Kunonga on the song “Mwanawe Tamvela” (My Child Listen).

The song is deeply Afro-centric and influenced by Malawian music style. It is a social commentary influenced by current challenges young people are having, including drug and substance abuse, robbery, and a whole lot of other immoral acts.

Juma pleaded with the young people to listen to their elders when they speak and align to the precepts of morals, values and ethics as Zimbabweans.

The plug track “Zarurai” features Mufudzi Mawarire and Alfa Dhapi. 

The artistes express their strong desire to qualify for heaven and call upon God to open it up for them to enter. The track “Lord Have Mercy” is an intercessory song in which the singer begins the song in Shona calling for mercy and cleansing of sins.

Other songs on the album are “Mubatsiri”, “Ndokutendai Sei”, “Vapwere Vatenzi”, Jesu Mupikiri” and “Garai Neni”. 

In an interview, Juma told The Herald Arts and Entertainment that the album was being received well by fans.

“I am so humbled by the way this album has been received by fans. It is motivating and gives me the joy to see that my music is impacting peoples’ lives in so many ways,” he said.

The song “Mwanawe Tamvela” has already started receiving airplay on different radio stations. Juma said he was going to embark on a tour where he will be performing at different churches and events as a way of marketing his album. He recorded his first album in 2011 titled “Namata Urinde” and to date has nine studio albums, a DVD, and some studio sessions with various artists.

In the past, Juma worked with the likes of Bethany Pasinawako Ngolomi, Rute Mbangwa and Patience Masiyambiri Mandizha.

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