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The wave of hip-hop gospel music seems to be on the increase in Zimbabwe as more and more young artistes continue joining the fray to display their lyrical prowess for the gospel. One of these artistes is a young talented Zimbabwean rapper who goes by the stage name T-Nash.

The artiste (real name- Tinashe Wutete) is a member at United Family International Church and says was baptized in 2008.

He said most young music consumers who are Christians these days enjoyed hip-hop gospel because many of them grew up accustomed to secular rap music.

“Hearing hip-hop music presented in a Christian way has drawn a bigger listenership for the new genre which is spiced for their taste.

“Hip-hop is however not a favourite with adult listeners many of whom either do not appreciate the language of hip-hop or have never taken the time to listen to the music.”

In one of his amateur videos taken while he performed in front of a youthful crowd at a church function, it was noticeable that the artiste is well gifted on stage — something that most of his fans at the event appeared to greatly enjoy.

He also appeared very energetic, stylish and composed and these are some of the ingredients or characteristics that go in to make one a successful rap artist.

I listened to his debut seven-track CD album titled “Hatibatike” which he released last year in December and all I could notice in him was potential and talent. This, however, could be complemented by a more substantial teaching of the bible for the benefit of his audience.

“God gave me talent with full potential to preach the word through hip-hop gospel music. So far I have performed at the Family Gospel Show at the City Sports Centre and UFIC Youth Concert.

“I acknowledge that I need some direction but I do also believe that with God I will not get lost” he said.

Songs on his CD album include tracks such as “Our God”, “Hatibatike”, “Kuchurch Kunonakidza”, “Tinopa Mbiri”, “Tinokurumbidzai”, “Amen” and “Handidzokere Shure”.

Of particular interest is the track “Hatibatike” which is more on the side of the much debated or controversial prosperity gospel.

“In ‘Hatibatike’, I was trying to point out that with God in your life there will be no poverty, demons, fear of witchcraft or anything that seeks to threaten or harm you. It’s a song about prosperity in Christ” he said.

He said, his third track “Kuchurch Kunonakidza” is more pointed at encouraging people to have an interest in attending church since people experience different inspiring events such as healing services, happiness and messages on prosperity.

“At the end of the song you can hear my spiritual father Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa declaring prosperity” he said.

T-Nash said he was motivated to sing hip-hop music because as an artist he felt time has come to use the music genre for the gospel since in the past it was popularised only by secular artistes.

“I started singing hip-hop gospel last year in January and I chose hip-hop because I had felt now is the time to preach God’s Word through hip-hop.

“Hip-hop gives us the opportunity to change youths’ lives.

“This is different from the past when I would sing about million dollar houses that I didn’t have or singing about drugs.

“All that contributed nothing tangible that benefited our generation. On the contrary it actually destroys lives” he said.

He added that his music pointed the sinner to Christ who alone has the solution to all the problems of this world.

He also said there was a need for repentance and a complete conversion of the heart when time is still there to do so because Jesus is coming back soon to judge the world.

T-Nash said he was a graphics designing student at Macmaine School of Computing in Harare and that music was his second occupation.

He also said he learnt to be a musician and borrowed ideas from his mother Linia Wutete who is also a gospel musician.


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