Gore eyes victory

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Gore eyes victory Independent House of Assembly candidate for Warren Park, Jimson Gore

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Warren Park has been led by the MDC-T since the 2000 election but prospective independent candidate Jimson Gore has set his sights on winning the constituency in the forthcoming elections slated for July 30.

He speaks to our Senior Reporter Farirai Machivenyika on what he stands for, his vision and the various challenges being faced by the residents in the constituency.

FM: To begin with can you briefly tell us more about yourself as a prospective representative of Warren Park D and what motivated you to stand as an independent candidate?

JG: As you already know my name is Jimson Gore and I am 41 years old and happily married with three children. I am also resident in the constituency, Belvedere in particular.

As for my education, I old a Master’s in International Law and Human Rights and another one in International Relations and currently am doing my proposal for my doctorate in International Relations.

I am the secretary general of Legal Aid Association of Zimbabwe and am also registered as a real estate administrator with the Council of Estate Administrators. In a nutshell that’s who I am.

I stood as an independent candidate mainly to work for the people without the red tape and other hindrances that come with belonging to a political party. I believe I would be more effective to work for the people by working as an independent, that is why my motto is, #nditumeyi ndinoenda/send me I will go.

FM: Don’t you think working as an independent is a disadvantage and who is funding your campaign?

JG: I don’t see it as a disadvantage and if you look at what has happened in the past five years due to political bickering within political parties, I feel I have made the right decision.

Political parties tend to inhibit people and the competition for positions also drowns developmental issues as happened in our major political parties where there has been contestation for power that has not benefited anyone. These are some of the reasons I have decided to stand as an independent candidate.

On funding, I am largely funding my own campaign although I have had donations here and there from various volunteers who believe in my vision.

FM: And what is that vision?

JG: My vision is mainly targeted at the youths who have been mainly affected by unemployment. This would be done mainly through creating vocational centres in the constituency so that they acquire life skills which they can use to create employment for themselves.

I also hope to champion the establishment of a youth sports centre to cater for the naturally gifted youths who are failing to realise their potential due to the absence of such facilities and also the construction of a library that will offer internet facilities for young people.

Other projects include refurbishing existing public infrastructure like street lights, public toilets and the construction of a clinic in Warren Park D to ease pressure on the one currently in existence.

I also hope to persuade the powers that be to construct a footbridge for people crossing Samora Machel Avenue to LongCheng Plaza as that area has become a black spot due to the number of pedestrians being knocked down by vehicles.

As a registered estate administrator I also hope to assist widows and vulnerable groups in managing their properties as they tend to be duped by unscrupulous people.

In a nutshell these are some of the issues that I wish to tackle when I am elected to Parliament come July 30.

I also believe I can contribute to various issues that need to be corrected through different laws and using my qualifications, experience and dynamism I think I can be an effective legislator.

FM: How do you rate your chances as we approach the elections now that the dates have been set?

JG: I believe I stand a good chance given the responses I have got from people from all walks of life in the community. People are focusing on issues and I believe what I stand for is what people in Warren Park constituency have been yearning for in the past few years.


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