Gono’s farm burnt


officer for TD Holdings, a subsidiary of Lunar Chickens, Mr Velenjani Lupankwa said they suspected foul play. A report was made at Borrowdale Police Station.

“We are still assessing the damage, but our preliminary investigations have shown that property worth more than US$30 000 has been destroyed,” he said.

“Considering the fact that the fire has coincided with the visit by our auditors from Europe we are suspecting foul play because the cause of fire is not known and this is the first time we have fire breaking out. You also need to realise that not everyone is happy with what we are doing, but as I said earlier we are still investigating, but our preliminary investigations have shown that there was a hand behind the fire.”

Mr Lupankwa said some of the equipment which was destroyed included electric motors and part of the grazing land.

“We have lost some of our electronic motors and as you can see some of grazing land is gone, but the good thing is fire brigade arrived on time and they have managed to control the fire before much harm was done to these projects,” he said.

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