Golf club turned into residential stands

21 Jan, 2020 - 00:01 0 Views
Golf club turned into residential stands

The Herald

Ivan Zhakata Herald Correspondent
Mabelreign residents are angry that Harare City Council is turning Sherwood Golf Club into a housing estate, with 10 residential stands already allocated on the public land.

City planners said the idea that the golf club was part of a wetland and a garden city concept was outdated because houses can now be built anywhere due to densification.

The residents have resolved to use “whatever means necessary” to stop the Sherwood Golf Club settlers, who have reportedly acquired provisional offer letters issued by Harare City Council housing director Addmore Nhekairo.

The golf club was set up as an amenity for the suburb and surrounding areas and, as with many city golf clubs, is also used to make acceptable use of a wetland.

A concerned resident said they were going to fight to protect the golf club.
“We are going to take the legal route and all means necessary to protect our local golf club,” said the resident.
“If they (stand beneficiaries) come back, we are going to physically remove them.”

Contacted for comment, Ward 16 councillor Denford Ngadziore said he was a servant of the people and had resolved to stand with the residents in protecting the golf course.

“I have no objection as long as there is contribution and input from the residents,” he said.
“I am shocked that people were given an offer letter, but I am not surprised because there is serious political interference in this ward.”

Clr Ngadziore said the decision on the allocation of stands was null and void.
“Whatever was done should be reversed and it is now void,” he said.
City of Harare chief planner Mr Samuel Nyabeze rubbished the concept of garden cities, which he said had outlived its lifespan.

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