Gokwe Centre runs dry

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Gokwe Centre runs dry

The Herald

Midlands Bureau
Gokwe Town has been hit by acute water shortages, with residents in some areas going for months without receiving supplies.

The town, which relies heavily on borehole water, has been failing to attract investors to partner in funding its Gwehava Dam project that could bring solution to the perennial water problem. Residents who spoke to this publication said the water situation in the town was now dire, with boreholes having gone dry.

“The situation in the town is so dire and it appears there are no immediate solutions to the crisis,” said Mrs Laiza Maidza of Sasame suburb. “Due to drought, virtually all the boreholes are now dry and we are stranded. There is no alternative source of water in the town.”

Another resident, Mr Gibson Muroyiwa, said most people in the town were now relying on buying water from villagers.

“There are some villagers who now bring water with donkey drawn carts for sale in the town,” he said. “We don’t even know where they source the water.”

Mr Muroyiwa said they were buying 20 litres of drinking water for $10, while water, which is not fit for drinking was going for $5 for 20 litres.

Ms Primerose Mudzota from Gokwe Central Business district said the town was sitting on a health time bomb.

“Imagine this is the heart of Gokwe,” she said. “People travelling to various parts of the district pass through here and some even sleep at the terminus waiting for transport to connect to their destinations, but we have no water. It’s a crisis.”

Gokwe Town chairperson, Mr Masara Masheedzanwa, confirmed the dire water situation.

“Gokwe is dry and the drought has worsened the situation, our boreholes have run dry and the situation is bad,” he said. “We are appealing for help, especially in funding some of our initiatives. We are also seeking partnerships to construct water sources in Gokwe.”

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