God can reverse the irreversible


Bishop B. Manjoro Dunamis
Last week we talked about the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ and today we will continue to see how God can reverse the irreversible.

God can change the unchangeable. What man says is impossible; with God Almighty it becomes possible, the cross was a place of exchange and a place of reversal! So also was Ezekiel 37 in the valley of dry bones.

And now in Ezekiel 37:1-5 we see again the Spirit of God coming upon Ezekiel and He led him into a valley and in the valley there were bones, millions of bones — head bones; hands bones; leg bones; they were all there.

And God said to Ezekiel, “Son of man can these bones live again” and Ezekiel said, “You know”. These bones were very dry.

Listen to me today; life can be very dry; life can be very difficult. Some of you if your hearts could be opened we could see big burdens you are carrying, heavy things, dry things. But I want you to know; life when its dry the Holy Ghost has power to cause it to be softened! Hardness of life, things or any situation when the Holy Ghost comes upon you it will depart, disappear and vanish. Maybe you are going through hard times; very dry times, today can be your day; this hour can be your hour.

It could be your health which is fast deteriorating, marriage collapsing, finances not working out well, child sent away from school due to fees; shake yourself; tell yourself, “my time, my hour, my day has come, dryness must get out of my life”. O hallelujah!

This dryness I am talking about can be caused by lack of a job- you have not been working for a considerable time or you were given the three months notice last year! But now Bishop what can the Holy Ghost do to reverse my situation, isn’t it too late?

My friend, the Holy Ghost can give you a job; a good job! Right now as you are reading this article and believing in your heart yes you will get your job! You can even get it while in church, at home or moving around!

When we believe God in faith as Ezekiel believed God was able to raise the dry bones any situation that was holding you back will be broken and reversed! Yes the situation that was holding you back will be turned around and tomorrow can be your good day; you can come up with a testimony. Lift up your faith; tell yourself, dryness is no more my portion, hardness is no more my portion- I lift up my heart; I lift up my faith and I tell myself tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

When the Holy Ghost comes on the scene dryness must know that its time is over. Let today; let this hour, be your moment; lift up your heart; lift up your faith; tell yourself enough is enough.

Yes life can be dry; life can be hard but I stand here today to tell you, your situation can change; your situation can be reversed; be it dryness caused by sickness, today God can touch you and that disease can disappear irrespective of what the scans are saying. People may have told you something; even medical reports may have said something, the doctors don’t lie; they tell the truth, but when Jesus the Son of God; when the Holy Ghost arrives on the scene, He has power to reverse the irreversible.

This is why God says, “Do you think these bones can live again?” “Do you think your situation can change?” “Do you think where you are now can change to be something else?”

I remember one time when we were in DRC but those days it was Zaire; we went and preached for some days. The first day we preached well, the second day and on the third day a man came, he was shaking uncontrollably and his skin had changed and looked yellow.

The hospital could do nothing. So after I preached they brought him and told me his situation that he could neither walk nor hold anything without having it fall off his hands due to the shaking!

I felt the Lord lead me to do something unusual yet I obeyed anyway!

I took my Bible and threw it on the ground and I said to this man, pick it. And the man who was interpreting said to me, He cannot even bend to pick it up.

And I said thula! (keep quiet), that’s not your problem.

Just tell him to pick my Bible, I want my Bible, it has fallen- let him pick it.

With a bit of hesitation the interpreter told the man what I had said!

At times if you want a miracle in your life you need to stop feeling sorry about yourself or wanting people to feel sorry about you! You need to step out in faith and say Lord here I come! O hallelujah!

So the man began to walk toward my Bible and I acted as though I was not seeing him struggle; so he went down and touched the Bible and came up. When he came up, he was no longer shaking; he was holding the Bible and I said give me my Bible and he gave me my Bible.

O I like this God! The irreversible can be reversed! I got hold of the man, prayed for him thanking God for the healing and he gladly went home.

During the evening service he came and when he came I could not recognise him because he was no longer yellow.

His skin had turned back to normal. God can reverse the irreversible.

It doesn’t matter what you are going through or what you went through, God can reverse the irreversible! For with God all things are possible, Mark 10:27

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