‘Go for early cancer screening’


Ellah Mukwati Herald Reporter
One in eight women in Zimbabwe risk having breast cancer, emphasising the need for urgent resource mobilisation to fight the disease.

This was said by Oncologist Dr Nomsa Tsikai during a cancer awareness campaign meeting held in Harare yesterday.

“Cancer causes morbidity and mortality in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world. It is sad to say in every three minutes a woman is being diagnosed of cancer and in every 13 minutes another woman is dying of cancer so it is of importance to go for cancer screening early and get treatment as soon as possible,” Dr Tsikai said.

She said it was important to detect cancer early if the nation was going to win the battle against the disease.

“Cancer is a silent killer. It is affecting most people while they are unaware they have the disease so there is need to educate people and raise awareness of the disease amongst the people.”

Dr Tsikai said in Zimbabwe cervical cancer was the most prevalent.

“Cervical cancer is the number one cancer affecting women in Zimbabwe followed by breast cancer which also affects man,” she said.

Breast cancer is the most common of all cancers and accounts for 12,5 percent cases in women.

Cancer Association of Zimbabwe board member Don McDonald said it was important for stakeholders in the health sector to work towards the eradication of the disease while the Rotary District Governor Lee-Anne pledged to increase awareness campaigns.

October has been set aside as a month to raise cancer awareness globally.

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