Ghetto inspiration

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Ghetto inspiration

The Herald

TRYMORE SENGAITawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
In Mbare there is a place popularly known as Magaba. It was named after the scrap metal objects that were found all over the place. While some people regard scrap material as an eyesore, that is not the case with sculptor Trymore Sengai who has turned the so-called rubbish into adorable pieces of art.
The 23-year-old artist ventured into metal sculpting as a way of self expression.

“My works are from the scrap metals which I take from Magaba.

“The pieces speak volumes of how I see the world around me,” said Sengai.

He usually crafts domestic animals such as cattle, dogs and goats.

“I used to love the way my grandparents in Bindura treated their domestic animals and that alone inspired me to create animal sculptures,” he said.

Sengai has a collection of works displayed at the National Arts Gallery of Zimbabwe.

The sculptures depict various domestic animals he made from metal, wood, spring-stone and white opal among other materials.

Sengai said some of his metal pieces symbolise freedom of speech.

He said artists must speak without fear as well as show their beliefs and feelings through art.

He was born in Harare and he did his primary education in Bindura before moving to Mavhudzi for his secondary education.

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