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Fashion 263 with Tafadzwa Zimoyo
Let me begin by announcing the return of this column that coincidentally bounces back at a time towards the awards season. For those lost, the column centres on fashion and gives wardrobe tips and analysis.

This week we focus on the red carpet, considering that the National Arts Merit Awards are on next week.

Those attending the awards ceremony still have time to prepare. Check what is in your closet and see if it can be perfect for the event.

I remember this time last year when some of the prominent musicians who bagged awards in different categories also stole attention for wrong reasons. They were among the worst dressed!

Red carpet events are your opportunity to shine.

Let history not repeat itself. No fashion disasters this coming edition and thank God the column bounced back in good time.

So below are quick red carpet tips and tricks for ladies:
Choose the right outfit!
Your outfit is the most important piece of the red carpet event dress code puzzle.

A cocktail dress is a safe choice for most red carpet events, particularly if you choose a black dress and jazz it up with some statement jewelry.

If you want to step outside your comfort zone, look for a more memorable outfit.

Floor length evening dresses always look amazing, but go for a design that flatters your body shape. Metallic fabrics are very “in” right now, especially with the celeb crowd. Red is another popular colour if you want to draw attention to yourself.

Try to avoid figure hugging dresses unless you have a figure to die for. On anyone other than a supermodel figure hugging just looks tacky.

Protect your modesty
Low cut dresses and strappy little numbers may look fantastic in the mirror, but have you thought about what could happen once you have had a few drinks and the dance floor beckons? Always take steps to protect your modesty.

All the celebrity stylists use double-sided tape to protect their clients’ modesty.

The tape holds loose garments in place and prevents any unwanted wardrobe malfunctions.

Invest in shoe pads
Shoes are an integral part of an outfit for red carpet events. There is no point in pushing the boat out with a fabulous designer outfit and then ruining the effect by wearing old, ugly shoes.

If you want to make an impression, you need to rock up in some gorgeous strappy heels. Unfortunately, unless you are a seasoned wearer of high heels, your feet will be in agony after a couple of hours in heels.

To prevent foot pain from ruining your evening, invest in some gel foot pads.

Have a professional makeover
Spending a fortune on a new dress, beautiful heels and a piece of statement jewelry will all be for nothing if you don’t put the same amount of effort into your hair and makeup.

For best results, pay for a session with a hair stylist and beautician on the day of the event. You can have your eyebrows shaped, tinted, and your makeup professionally done. The hair stylist can cut, colour, and style your hair according to your outfit and personal preferences.

Red carpet events don’t come along everyday unless you are an A List celebrity, so enjoy your moment in the limelight and have fun. Face the cameras, smile, and pretend you are a star for the evening.

This is your opportunity to shine!

See you next week.

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