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Be cool . . . Casual shirts are a hit this EasterTafadzwa Zimoyo Fashion talk 263
Oh, yes we are in April and hello Easter, hello gentlemen.

We are greeting the men because March was women’s month and everything was centred on them.

The guys felt lost or laid back, but one good thing with fashion is that it is always there.

Whether you are not mentioned or feel left out, just know the world is your runway so always dress to the point.

It is just a week away from Easter holiday and please note that this is not an Easter bunny, granny hats, frail dames’ gloves and tea sipping by the pond article.

But I am going to focus on proper fashion as some already panicking on what to wear this holiday.

Remember Easter is about the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus died for our sins, so make this Easter worthwhile in terms of fashion, and let those old fashion habits die too.

Anyway, we can’t get into the spirit of this Holy holiday without preparing our wardrobes.

Whether you are headed to church with the family or plan to brunch it up with your girlfriends or friends, just know the secret that Easter is about flashing and flaunting it.

However, the formation starts with the ladies.

Fashion icon and stylist Madeline Ganza said for a more casual style, women should drop the heels.

With local weather, the colour for the ladies this season is pink.

“If you like, ‘I-look-freaking-good-but-I-ain’t-trying-at-all’, drop the heels and go with flats.

“It is classy, but effortless. It goes well with all themed for the period.

“Keep it pretty in pink with a floral print pencil dress. Try putting the look together with a silver metallic pump, pink monogram Saint Laurent clutch, and a punchy coral lip,” she said.

Remember to enter the sanctuary in a textured ivory pencil skirt, an asymmetric top, and a stylish A-line coat.

For those in their mid-30s’, add a bit of drama with a flower embellished wide brim hat and sparkling pave crystal and pearl earrings.

Give the look a Sunday best feel with a wide-brim sun hat and a dash of colour with a yellow satin pump, jacquard box clutch, and gold jewellery.

Enough of the ladies and we still have got a long way to go.

Over to the gents.

I know most many will be setting off on a mini-vacation for next weekend, as they look to make the most of the extended Easter break.

But that doesn’t give them an excuse to still look good.

I know men always want to be conservative but being conservative with the clothing you take doesn’t mean cutting down on style.

Just know that sometimes a taste of home is all it takes to make a fashionably Easter break.

Opt for relaxed-fit jeans or trousers (and maybe even a pair of tailored joggers).

You can round out your look with pieces that work for lounging just as well as catch-up lunches: casual button-down shirts, a lightweight merino wool or cashmere jumper and a couple of comfortable cotton T-shirts or Henley tops.

A sturdy pair of boots comes in handy whether you are stomping through fields or ploughing through sheets of dusty road in the rural home or even on the way to the pub.

Leather versions are highly recommended, while more delicate materials like suede are only worth packing if your hometown is not prone to being pelted by the elements.

Style-wise, anything goes, from chukka and desert to lace-up Dr Martens and brogue boots in classic colours like black, brown and deep burgundy.

However, with our weather though unreliable and unpredictable, remember the nights will very go into devolve into a total sweat-box, so layers that can be easily stripped off are a must.

“Lightweight jackets in dark colours will go with almost anything and for colder climes there are insulated designs that look good, keep you warm, and can easily be folded up or crumpled up into a ball to save space.

Uniqlo does a particularly good range of ultra-light down outerwear, available in a variety of colours,” said Munyaradzi Pundo, a fashion blogger.

Next week we give you the dos and don’ts of Easter fashion.

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