Get lost on party train

Get lost on party train

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1108-1-1-20786278_1390499944318752_1217522541_NYeukai Karengezeka-Chisepo Lifestyle Correspondent—
As the summer season beacons outdoor parties are taking over as merrymakers wave goodbye to the winter season. Though birthdays, kitchen parties, bachelors’ parties have become common gatherings in the capital and outside, people enjoy them during the summer season. It’s now serious business for outdoor venues like Lake Chivero, Family 24, Paramount just to mention a few.

An entertainment organisation Ubuntu be Africa has come up with an exciting entertainment concept called “The Ultimate Lost Train Party” which involves travelling by a diesel locomotive train to a secret venue outside Harare.

They have made a partnership with the National Railways of Zimbabwe in giving merrymakers time to enjoy.

Ubuntu’s Public Relations Officer Mrs Antonetta “Tonni” Whacha said the partnership brings nothing but time to enjoy with their spouses.

“We decided to partner with the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) a month ago in regard to this new ‘lost train party’ and they will be offering transport whilst we offer entertainment and venue to our revellers.

“The group of people will be ferried by a train to a surprise bush venue sixty kilometres away from the departure point and that is where the real party begins,” she said.

The inaugural party is expected to be held on September 2 and Whacha is inviting people across the divide to participate on this event.

“The first party will be held on September 2 and tickets are going for $30. There is a discount for those buying tickets this coming week. I am encouraging everyone to come on board and experience a bush party sensation that can only be brought by boarding a train,” she said.

People will be allowed to bring refreshments with them.

“People are also allowed to bring on board very small cooler boxes with refreshments only consumable when in the train.

“Despite being in the push a normal party set up will be there that includes stage, performing artistes and deejays plus full bar and catering,” said Whacha.

At the unnamed venue there will be a stage that will see different musicians performing.

“We have chosen a unique place where we are going to set up our stage. We have a number activities lined up for the night with DJ TK Beats who is as a resident DJ at Unplugged alongside Skyver. The whole night guests will be treated with performances from one established artiste whom I cannot mention at the moment and several other upcoming artistes who will be taking turns to thrill fans,” she said.

Adding on to the adventurous trip, a major braai has been organised at the venue.

“A party can never be complete without food and drinks and we have engaged beverage service providers and meat lovers will enjoy gochi gochi too,” said Whacha.

Whacha said plans were underway to take the lost train party to other major towns around the country and will host them once after every 2 to 3 months.

“We are not going to host this party in Harare only but we are planning to throw the same party in various town around the country. The idea is to do this after every 2 to 3 months depending with how people are subscribing to the idea,” she said.

Whacha said they decided to use trains as mode of transport in order to revive the love of boarding trains which is gradually fading among local citizens.

“This initiative is not for fun only but we are also encouraging the people that rail is still a vibrant mode of transport despite the invention of other advanced means of transport,” she said.

Some youngsters have never used train as their means of transport and that will be another chance for them to learn more about trains.

“Indirectly it is another way of reviving that industry. I remember that there was a time when a steam train full of tourists used to leave from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls and foreigners would fall in love with it. So we want to bring back that culture of enjoying travelling by train,” she said.

Ubuntu beAfrica, established three years ago is a joint venture of four young entrepreneurs namely Sibongile Tembo, Brian Whacha, Tonni Whacha and Tafadzwa Dube who is the brainchild of this imitative.

They have done several other projects in the past which include Woman Unlimited.

“Woman Unlimited is still an ongoing programme. It is a project whereby we film successful local women and their businesses and showcase what they are doing and in that manner they became mentors to other young women.

We have also done cocktails, weddings and we also make exhibition stands,” said Whacha.

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