Georgias dismisses Studio 7 claims

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Georgias dismisses Studio 7 claims Aguy Georgias

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Guy Georgias

Guy Georgias

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Zanu-PF Central Committee member Cde Aguy Georgias has dismissed as “patent falsehoods” claims by United States propaganda news channel Studio 7 linking him to externalisation of money into a British-based bank, HSBC. Studio 7 claimed that Cde Georgias — together with some other Zanu-PF bigwigs — deposited huge sums of money in an HSBC account, prejudicing the country of much-needed foreign currency.

In a statement yesterday, Cde Georgias threatened to take legal action against VOA if it refused to retract the story.

“I reserve the right to take legal action against VOA if I do not get satisfactory remedy,” he said.

Cde Georgias described the Studio 7 story as highly unethical and grossly unprofessional.

“The Voice of America’s Studio 7 has published a story on Sunday 8 February 2015 in which they falsely claim that I Aguy Clement Georgias was engaged in the illegal externalisation of funds from Zimbabwe through HSBC, Switzerland branch,” he said.

“The story is patently false and, unethical and grossly unprofessional. Never at any time did VOA seek my comment on the matter as they falsely claim. The truth is I never ever at any time had an account with HSBC Bank, secret or otherwise.”

He described the story as the work of his political detractors bent on tarnishing his image.

“I have since demanded a retraction from the VOA, who in any case could not give me any tangible proof or evidence, let alone an account number linking me to HSBC Bank,” said Cde Georgias.

“All they say is that the bank account had a zero balance, but cannot say when I opened it, or how much I had in that said account, and not even the account number.”

Cde Georgias said he did not have the kind of money cited by Studio 7, adding that his company Trinity Engineering had been struggling since 2007 when it was placed under sanctions by the European Union.

After he was added on the illegal EU sanctions list, Cde Georgias sued the EU challenging the sanctions at EU’s General Court in the Luxembourg.

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