Georgias confident of winning appeal

07 Jan, 2015 - 00:01 0 Views

The Herald

Susan Nyabunze Herald Reporter
London lawyer Hugh Mercer QC representing Harare businessman, former Senator and Deputy Minister Guy Georgias in his case against EU sanctions, says he is confident of winning the case on appeal.

Mercer QC believed that the judgment in September by the EU Court of Justice’s General Court sitting in Luxembourg that dismissed Cde Georgias’ claim for damages from the EU was “flawed” and not based on points of law raised in the zanu-pf Central Committee member’s claim at the court.

The EU General Court presided over by Justice Grastias sitting together with Justices Kancheva and Wetter ruled in September against Cde Georgias’ challenge to the EU sanctions’ restrictive measures imposed on Zimbabwe since 2004. The judges’ verdict was, however, open to challenge on appeal. It was for this reason that Cde Georgias’ lawyer strongly felt that he had to appeal.

The appeal is expected to cost 50 000. After having spent over 1,4 million in personal funds in litigating the case single handedly, Cde Georgias said he was more than confident of victory in the case.

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