Geo Pomona walks away with 3 awards Mr Dilesh Nguwaya holds one of the three awards at the 2023 Project Management Achievements Awards

The constructors of a waste-to-energy plant at Pomona dumpsite, Geo Pomona Waste Management, walked away with three prestigious awards at the 2023 Project Management Achievements Awards, hosted by the Chartered Institute of Project Management (CIPMZ).

The company clinched the top spot in three categories, the Environmental Impact Project of the Year (Waste Management), and Project Team of the Year, while the chief executive officer Mr Dilesh Nguwaya earned the coveted title of Focused CEO of the Year.

The firm also won the Sustainability Innovation Champion award a fortnight ago.

CIPMZ board chairperson Mr Themba Kumbula said the winners had demonstrated the qualities of nation-building by embracing President Mnangagwa’s Nyika Inovakwa nevene vayo mantra.

“Those in CIPMZ believe that we should continue recognizing those professionals in various fields that are participating in managing projects and ensuring that we are delivering our nation with the same agenda that the President has spelled out.”

Speaking after receiving the awards, Mr Nguwaya said the recognition is a testament to the tremendous work Geo Pomona Waste Management has accomplished within a relatively short period.

Mr Dilesh Nguwaya


“As a company, we feel honored and we are happy with the recognition,” he said.

“It has taken a long journey and a lot of effort for us to be where we are today. Many thanks go to the team because we always work as a team.”

In a remarkable feat, Geo Pomona Waste Management has transformed the Pomona dumpsite barely two years into its operations.

The company’s groundbreaking ceremony, officiated by President Mnangagwa earlier this year, marked a pivotal moment in its journey.

Additionally, Geo Pomona has forged a partnership with Instak to reclaim the Golden Quarry dumpsite, aligning with Government’s initiatives to establish a tourist resort at the Museum of African Liberation, currently under construction in Harare.

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