Geo Pomona assists gifted learner Geo Pomona Waste Management chief executive and chairman Mr Dilesh Nguwaya (right) hands over a school fees voucher to Highfield High 1 learner Cathrine Rutendo Chitengu, while Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Harare province Mr Charles Tawengwa and the beneficiary’s mother Cecilia Mashanda look on in Harare yesterday. – Picture: Innocent Makawa.

Remember Deketeke-Herald Correspondent

A disadvantaged but academically gifted Lower Sixth learner at Highfield High School was all smiles yesterday after receiving a donation of school fees, uniforms and a laptop from Geo Pomona Waste Management.

Despite requesting fees for only a year, Catherine Rutendo Chitengu, was blessed with a full sponsorship until she finishes her Advanced Level studies, plus new school uniforms and a brand-new laptop.

Company CEO and executive chairman Mr Dilesh Nguwaya urged Catherine to make the most of her opportunities and treat her education with respect.

“Geo Pomona felt it was appropriate to assist the girl as we cannot discuss social responsibility without demonstrating it in practice,” he said. 

“We encouraged her to take full advantage of her opportunities and treat her education with respect.” Catherine, who is a champion for environmental management among youths, thanked Mr Nguwaya for the kind gesture.

“There is a Shona proverb that says, ‘Kusatenda huroyi,’ and I would love to thank Mr Nguwaya for the love he has shown to me and my family. I may not thank him enough with words but I will thank him with more work and determination in my education.

“May God bless him abundantly in health, finances and in everything he wants in life.” 

Catherine’s mother, Ms Cecilia Mashanda, said she tried everything to support her daughter’s education but was failing.

“Given the circumstances at home, I never imagined that my child would experience anything of this magnitude. So I would like to thank Geo Pomona and Mr Nguwaya for helping my child,” she said.

Zanu PF Secretary for Education and Research, who is also Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Charles Tawengwa, said: “We communicated with Geo Pomona to cover Catherine’s tuition for the current year exclusively, but the firm has already covered the cost of her entire A Level.” 

As part of the company’s corporate social responsibility, Mr Nguwaya said Geo Pomona is constructing recreational facilities, repainting the Marlborough Police Station and rehabilitating roads.

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