General Bazuka launches ‘Freedom’

30 Sep, 2020 - 00:09 0 Views
General Bazuka launches ‘Freedom’ Mabasa Lennox Ziyambi

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Australia-based Zimbabwean Afro-jazz musician, Mabasa Lennox Ziyambi, affectionately known as “General Bazuka” has said his latest offering was inspired by personal experiences and societal settings.

General Bazuka recently launched his first solo six-track conscious album titled “Freedom”, which has songs like, “Mhenya”, “Ndiendesei”, “Haungadaro”, “Naira Yangu”, “Honai” and the title track “Freedom”.

The album Freedom was done by two producers, Casper Beatz (Zimbabwean) and Value Music production in Australia.

“This is my first project as a solo artiste,” said General Bazuka. “I sing with Faith Candy and I have also ventured into conscious music. All the tracks on ‘Freedom’ are based on real life issues.

“Some are personal, while others are the things we see on television and surroundings. “Freedom” was influenced by world injustice like the police brutality and racism, in particular the death of an African American George Floyd.”

General Bazuka said the title track was advocating for peace and social justice.

“On, ‘Mhenya, it talks about choosing a life partner. No one knows your choice better than yourself, while “Haungadaro” is a sad song about losing your loved one and the Covid-19 situation not allowing us to pay our last respects,” he said.

“I dedicated “Honai” to my late father who encouraged me never to give up on something important in life.”

General Bazuka, a Liverpool Public and Private Hospital mental health worker, said the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions brought about a sense of fear and anxiety around the globe, especially among front-line workers like him.

“This phenomenon has led to short term, as well as long-term psychosocial and mental health implications for most of us,” he said. “The quality and magnitude of impact is determined by many vulnerability factors like stress, depression and anxiety.

“I did not get to perform due to stringent lockdown laws which were enforced in Australia. My band has eight people and the law did now allow such a gathering.”

General Bazuka has other albums — “Evil Forest”, “Ndisiye Zvangu” and “Karingezuva” which he worked on with Faith Candy.

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