Gateway Streams ‘Redefines’ showbiz

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Gateway Streams ‘Redefines’ showbiz Winky D

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter


Still trying to find the right word to describe the show dubbed “Redefined Concert” hosted by Gateway Stream Music on Saturday at the Harare International Conference Centre.

Of course, all the words such as successful, magical, thrilling, electrifying and amazing, among others, have been used and already abused in the showbiz industry.

But to define the concert with a noun such as “fireworks” is the best picture.

The gig proved that Zimbabwe boasts of pure talent after three of the country’s renowned musicians — Nutty O, Winky D and Jah Prayzah — illuminated the  venue.

Forget about the wintry night, forget about your genre and pure misconception or disdain for local musicians, Saturday night was indeed blissful as the three took turns to entertain the expectant music lovers.

While many might have been worried that the fast emerging crooner, Nutty O, could have been thrown into the deep end by being dwarfed among giants, he emerged victorious after he put up a well choreographed performance.

The show attracted thousands of revellers at the giant auditorium, which was full to capacity.

Facts are stubborn — this was not a competition, but having all those three at the same show, fans ended up using the event to try and define who was bigger among the three.

On Sunday, social media was ablaze with the debate, with some saying the issue was settled at the show.

Pick a side, but that show was not a competition, even the organisers confirmed it was not, they only set the standard of having the current “big three”, if you want to put it that way, at the same show.

For sungura Alick Macheso fans, well, this is not your story to debate on, you had your cake at his latest album launch.

Well, back to the “Defined Concert”.

Nutty O was the first on stage. Kudos to Gateway Streams for ushering the young talented musician to the big league.

And he did not disappoint, his performance was magical.

Guess what, Nutty O’s mother even prayed for him and an audio of the prayer was beamed in the auditorium just before he started his performance.

Who would not want such an emotional loving intro to a session?

Nutty O then sang “Open Doors” as his opening song, more like complementing his mother’s prayer.

And he did it in style, getting onto the stage through a “door”, especially designed and placed on stage.

The “Handipere Power” hit maker proved his mantle on the big stage, as he dished out tune after tune from his album “Mustard Seed”.

He kept his fans on their toes.

In fact, the young lad seems to be heading in the right direction of going international.

This has been proven by his performances from the fashion sense, set and, obviously, choreography.

Nutty O did well, with his Shabaach band which was the icing on the cake.

The group needed a Coachella set up, too good to be original, and they demonstrated that local music is lekker.

Then, during the musical performances, disc jockey Iroq also made sure his presence was felt and he did what he knew best with the turntables.

He was helped by the hosts Kudzai Violet Gwara (KVG) and Abisher Palmer, who brought their ‘A’ game on stage.

Each artiste was pencilled to perform for an hour.

So after Nutty O came, saw and conquered, many were waiting to see who was next.

Unfortunately, organisers had not shared the programme line-up and already, during that time, the social media was agog with some predicting who was coming next on stage.

Fans were now starting to get agitated while waiting for the next act.

Then boom, it was Winky D.

In showbiz they usually use the term “GOAT” to describe the best, the king or the superior.

Many were surprised why Winky D had started ahead of Jah Prayzah, it seemed they wanted him last.

Some sources said there were serious negotiations behind the stage on who had to start, with both wanting to play last.

Unfortunately, one of the musicians had to eat the humble pie and agree to start, and it was Winky D.

Winky D put up a scintillating performance.

Should we say he was the “show stopper”? Well, he proved that “Gafa Igafa”, as he always likes to say.

The whole auditorium stood still as he chanted his yesteryear great and new hits.

Winky D even thanked his fans. “It is now 18 years doing this business. Next year I am turning 40 and I thank my fans. We should not hate each other,” he said.

Those words made the fans scream and shout with joy.

And the sound, lighting and great stage work by Events Evolution complemented his performance.

The humble musician later surprised his fans by performing a teaser of his new song entitled “XYZ” which is about relationships.

The song received overwhelming response from the fans and the clip was later uploaded on social media and attracted thousands of views.

Just like Nutty O, Winky D also came, saw and conquered.

Soon after Winky D, Jah Prayzah put up a scintillating performance, but it appeared fans had already endorsed Winky D as the main performer.

In fact, the vibe of the show had somehow toned down when Jah Prayzah came, perhaps because the fans were already thinking about how they would get home.

On his part, Jah Prayzah did justice to what he was paid for.

However, it is difficult not to find a spoiled bean in the basket.

Outside the venue, there was some chaos, with the unofficial security marshals, especially those who were charging for parking and some selling tickets at higher prices, accosted the fans.

What revellers should understand is to follow the correct procedure on where to buy the ticket and get a directive from the official security team on the ground and obviously the police.

“Sometimes it is us the fans, who cause commotion at these shows,” said a fan identified as Tatenda from Highlands. “Why do you pay someone to give you space at an undesignated post to park your car?

“Why do you even trust buying a ticket from an unofficial individual at a higher cost, yet you know there is a selling point?

“I know some would want to jump the queue, but if we do the right thing first as fans before blaming promoters and artistes, believe you me, we would have nice and smooth shows.”

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