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Garden furniture with a difference

05 Oct, 2019 - 00:10 0 Views
Garden furniture with a difference Inexpensive, but eye-catching outdoor furniture made from used car tyres

The Herald

Nyore Madzianike Home and Garden Writer

THERE is always something good about having an idea of turning your landscape into an outdoor family space for a certain period during the course of the year.

It is certainly a great way of enjoying life outside the confines of the walls of your home. An open air stay will be appealing, especially with the green that comes with it.

The idea will certainly give your mind a jog on what and how to design the landscape to bring out the best natural outdoor conditions.

A transition of the landscape — no matter what size — requires a judicious allocation and reallocation of materials.

If you are fitting an outdoor living area this time of the year, finding comfy on long-lasting furniture may mean a lot of things to you.

It can be the difference between hanging out on the patio for a while, enjoying the fresh air and going back indoors after a few minutes because of an uncomfortable stay caused by the rather out-of-sorts garden furniture you might have bought.

Exciting and refreshing outdoor moments are usually spelt out by the patio décor, therefore, it has to be attractive.

There is a new patio furniture trend that seems to be the solution to headaches that usually bedevil homeowners with vast spaces in their yards, on how to host outdoor events.

Fashioned from used tyres and styled in a unique way that will certainly not only suit all weather conditions, the patio sets also give a natural beauty to the “green”.

Forget the wooden and synthetic styled garden furniture that usually give headaches when one considers the type of paint and colour to use.

Also forget the need for keeping an eye on how to protect your garden furniture from ever-changing weather patterns, as they are affordable to maintain.

There is a magnificent range of patio tables and chairs, ottomans, flowerpots and other additions that will give a fancy outlook to the garden.

Tafadzwa Mutsau, director of Upcycle Goromonzi, manufacturers of recycled tyres garden furniture, said their products were “the talk of town” in terms of gardening.

“We are in the business of recycling tyres lying around our community to manufacture patio and garden furniture,” he said.

“This business started in 2017 as a form of employment and later developed into a profitmaking entity with five employees. We also indirectly employ several others,” he added.

With their trading site located opposite Umwinsdale Service Station and a working studio at No 3 Huntersmoon Lane, Chishawasha, Harare, they also do online sales and exhibitions at various events.

“The business has benefited the community by providing employment and beautifying environments at the same time solving community waste problems.

“We look forward to expanding the business by increasing production through recycling more tyres a day, thus, greening the environment.

“We are looking at improving the figures by advancing technology in our equipment, and engaging the necessary manpower and materials to push high volumes in stock,” he said.

Mutsau said sales were booming as the market has been responding well, especially from restaurants and recreational centres.

“We need advanced equipment and power tools that make our work easier, reducing production, hence, increasing output.

“We also require additional funding to scale up our business, so that we can produce more than what we are already making,” he said.

Mutsau said their products are affordable and can be tailor-made to the customer’s specifications.

“Our products are affordable as we cater for a wider market. Also, some of our products are designed as per customer’s request.

“Some people prefer styles which match their tastes,” he said.

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