Garbage a health hazard in Sakubva


A POTENTIAL health hazard is looming in parts of Sakubva high-density suburb where garbage has gone for more than six months without being collected. Street corners in New Dangare and Zororo are an eyesore as they are characterised by heaps of uncollected garbage. Council spokesman Mr Spren Mutiwi said council had two trucks servicing the whole city.

He said council’s depleted fleet and the continued dumping of rubbish at street corners by residents were worsening the situation.

“Although we are failing to stick to the schedule, people are throwing litter on roadsides and other open spaces, which we are collecting by means of a front-end loader and hired tipper trucks,” said Mr Mutiwi He said council trucks were collecting garbage in some areas and advised residents to desist from dumping litter. — Manicaland Bureau.

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